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Implementing a unified communications service (UCaaS) will streamline and simplify your employees’ interactions. Athenium Technology Group can optimize your business communications with enterprise-class voice, fax, text, call handling, mobile apps, and BYOD capability. We’ll give you the tools to truly unify your communications systems. Our UCaaS systems will seamlessly integrate with your existing applications and provide a consistent experience and set of features for your customers no matter where they are located.

Create a central contact point for your customers by establishing a contact center as a service (CCaaS). An efficient contact center will ensure that your customers have their issues and inquiries solved quickly and satisfactorily. Using our CCaaS model, your business will not waste time and money on unnecessary technology. We can reduce your overall costs and cut down on the pressure faced by your internal IT department.

Enhance your bandwidth and put your business on the fast track with the latest SD-WAN technology solutions. SD-WAN stands for Software Defined Wide Area Network. This technology can be used to provide all areas of your business with access to fast reliable and cheap broadband. You can run data-heavy applications like video and web conferencing without worrying about running out of bandwidth. SD-WAN can replace expensive MPLS/private bandwidth with cost-effective, high-speed internet connections.

As confidence in cloud security has grown over time, more and more businesses are adopting a public, private or hybrid cloud approach. We have the solutions to help you design, implement and manage cloud systems to improve efficiency, flexibility and security.

In today’s connected world, protecting data is more important than ever. Athenium Technology Group can provide rock-solid cybersecurity. Damage to IT systems caused by viruses, hackers, and trojans can quickly decimate a business. Athenium Technology Group provides you with a range of highly effective cybersecurity measures that will protect your data from cyberattacks. We specialize in breach detection, threat remediation, and privacy and data protection services.

Is your network infrastructure working for you or against you? Athenium Technology Group can streamline your operations. Investing in upgrading your network infrastructure can dramatically enhance the overall operations of your business. Athenium Technology Group can optimize your network infrastructure and ensure that your business has access to the right internet services at the right price.

We can manage your day-to-day telecommunication needs so you can focus on your core business objectives.
Athenium Technology Group can reduce your telecom expenses and reduce the time your staff spends with providers. We specialize in billing validation and disputes, contract negotiation, inventory management, and move, add, change and disconnect requests (MACDS).

Are you paying too much for your voice, data, colocation, or cloud services? A cost reduction audit by Athenium Technology Group can save you up to 30% of your costs per year. Our team will audit and optimize your existing services, negotiate lower rates, and secure any owed credits or refunds.

vCIO services from Athenium Technology group offer your business a dedicated Technology Liaison. Our consultants oversee your IT infrastructure, help you plan for change, make the most of what you have and communicate IT needs with your Executive leaders.

Athenium Technology Group Provides Professional Consulting Services in the Technology Space

Athenium Technology Group is your single point of contact when it comes to services for vCIO, UCaaS, and CCaaS in Oregon. We put the needs of the customer first in order to deliver practical solutions that enhance the way you work. We embrace innovation, and with over two decades of experience in the technology space, we work with clients to ensure a seamless workflow from start to finish.

Find Out More About Technology Consulting Firms in Oregon Today

Do you want to simplify your business? Athenium Technology Group offers vCIO services in Oregon that reduce your costs while improving your infrastructure and processes. Our technology seamlessly integrates into your systems for a more consistent experience. Benefit from extended features and top-tier industry knowledge for vCIO, UCaaS, and CCaaS. To find out more about our services, call us today at (503) 300-4687.

Solutions from an Experienced Technology Group

Athenium Technology Group provides professional consulting services in the technology space as it relates to the procurement of voice, contact center, internet, cloud, security and IT services. With more than 20 years of experience in the tech world, we can reduce project turn up times, reduce costs, and reduce the hassles associated with working directly with technology vendors. We work on your behalf to secure the best solutions at the lowest cost and drive progress towards an on-time implementation. Our consultants are also able to help your business write and run RFP’s as well as conduct full technology spend audits.

Customer First Approach

Athenium Technology Group’s goal is to provide you a better overall customer service experience. Often when you engage with vendors directly, you encounter challenges because their sales teams want to dictate your timeline. The challenges arise because they have limited solutions, a quota and an agenda that doesn’t align with your agenda. We remove the vendor’s sales team from the equation which allows your priorities & project timeline to be front and center throughout the process. Athenium is 100% vendor neutral and will always present you with truly unbiased solutions.

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