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Pre-negotiated best rates with hundreds of vendors

At Athenium Technology Group, we make it easy to find the right technology vendors for your specific needs. Our consultants have pre-screened over 200 vendors to ensure they meet your criteria, so you can trust that you’re getting the best service available.

Athenium Technology Group serves as an extension of your IT and Operations team, to help in the procurement and implementation of Voice, Contact Center, Security and Cloud Solutions. We write and run RFP’s, Offer Telecom Expense Management, Network Design, and are supported by a deep bench of vendor neutral engineers.


contact center as a service

Establish a contact center as a service (CCaaS) to create a central contact point for your customers. Our CCaaS model will help your business save time and money on unnecessary technology, reduce overall costs, and lighten the load on your internal IT department. With an efficient contact center, your customers will receive fast and satisfactory solutions to their issues and inquiries. Let Athenium Technology Group help you make the right choice.

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virtual Chief Information Officer

Don’t let the cost of a full-time CIO stop you from getting the IT expertise you need for your business. Our vCIO services provide you with access to highly experienced professionals who can offer valuable IT consultation and advice. Our vCIOs are available to provide ongoing technical support or can be hired for specific projects. Invest in our vCIO services and get the support you need to strengthen your company’s technology.

Analyze your IT environment

Help you make the most of the tech you already have

Support your procurement of new solutions

Help you gain clarity around current and future state

Ensure IT and the business work together

Communicate IT needs with Executives


CCaaS  |   vCIO  |   UCaaS  |   SD-WAN  |   Cloud Solutions  |   Cyber Security  |   Telecom Expense Management  |   Service Procurement / Audit


securely and efficiently communicate, store and access data

Networking Infrastructure

Are you taking full advantage of your network infrastructure? Athenium Technology Group can help you streamline your operations and maximize its value. Upgrading your network infrastructure can revolutionize the way your business operates and Athenium Technology Group can make sure you get the best internet services for the best price. Make the most of your network infrastructure and trust Athenium Technology Group to help you succeed.

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unified communications service

Implementing a unified communications service (UCaaS) will streamline and simplify your employees’ interactions. Athenium Technology Group can optimize your business communications with enterprise-class voice, fax, text, call handling, mobile apps, and BYOD capability. We’ll give you the tools to truly unify your communications systems. Our UCaaS systems will seamlessly integrate with your existing applications and provide a consistent experience and set of features for your customers no matter where they are located.

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software defined wide area network

Enhance your bandwidth and put your business on the fast track with the latest SD-WAN technology solutions. SD-WAN stands for Software Defined Wide Area Network. This technology can be used to provide all areas of your business with access to fast reliable and cheap broadband. You can run data-heavy applications like video and web conferencing without worrying about running out of bandwidth. SD-WAN can replace expensive MPLS/private bandwidth with cost-effective, high-speed internet connections.

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store, manage, and scale your data and applications

Gain confidence in the cloud and unlock its potential for your business. Our solutions provide you with the tools to design, implement and manage a public, private or hybrid cloud system to maximize efficiency, flexibility, and security.

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protect your company from digital attacks

cyber security

In a world where staying connected is essential, safeguarding your data is a must. Athenium Technology Group can provide you with unshakeable cybersecurity. Cyberattacks like viruses, hackers, and trojans can quickly cause irreparable damage to a business. Athenium Technology Group offers a variety of powerful cybersecurity measures to keep your data safe from malicious activity. Our expertise includes breach detection, threat remediation, and privacy and data protection services.

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CCaaS  |   vCIO  |   Network Infrastructure  |   UCaaS  |   SD-WAN  |   Cloud Solutions  |   Cyber Security  |   Service Procurement / Audit


manage and optimize the costs related to an organization's telecom services

Let Athenium Technology Group handle your daily telecommunications needs, so you can concentrate on your company’s key business goals. Our professional team is devoted to helping you save money on your telecom bills and reducing the time your staff spends dealing with providers. Our services range from billing validation and dispute resolution to contract negotiation, inventory management, and move, add, change, and disconnect requests (MACDS).


CCaaS  |   vCIO  |   Network Infrastructure  |   UCaaS  |   SD-WAN  |   Cloud Solutions  |   Cyber Security  |   Telecom Expense Management  |  


evaluate external service providers to ensure quality services

Are you struggling with the rising costs of voice, data, colocation, or cloud services? Athenium Technology Group is here to help! Our cost reduction audit can save you up to 30% on your annual expenses. Our experts will audit your existing services, negotiate lower rates, and help you secure any credits or refunds you may be missing out on. Make the most of your services with Athenium Technology Group today!

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